Latin Dances

The Latin dances are cheeky, fiery and fun. In competitions the man might wear an open-necked shirt and the lady will usually wear a short dress as these dances come from hot places like South America! Partners don't have a fixed hold - they can dance side by side, for example.

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Cha Cha Cha

Cheeky and lively, this fast Latin dance gets you spinning and peeking around your partner. Cha cha cha will make you feel like you've landed at a party in Cuba! Take small steps to get that flirty hip action going.



Are you ready to turn up the volume? This is for serious show-offs. Fiesta and carnival, big feathers, maracas and bongo drums all rolled into one! Wiggle and jiggle everything you've got as you bounce and roll around the floor.



It's after dark, on the beach. You are barefoot in the sand. Have you got a tale of lost love and utter longing? Or courtship and intrigue? Maybe you're just a little bit in love with the Rumba. Look out for reaching poses and dramatic drops.


Paso Doble

The scene is Seville, Spain, at the bullfight ring. There is tension and drama. Will you play the part of the Matador, or bullfighter, with his dominant, conquering posture? Or are you the Señorita, or Spanish lady, opening up like a flamenco flower or the Matador's cape, arrogant and seductive? Paso Doble is almost always danced to España Cañí - the Spanish Gypsy Dance. Accept no imitations.



It's Rock 'n' Roll time, baby! Can you keep up with this energetic dance of fast spins, kicks and foot pumps? Click your fingers and flick that fast footwork, but keep up!


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The Ballroom (or standard) dances are romantic, jazzy or passionate. In competitions, the man wears a white bow tie and tailsuit and the lady usually wears a long, floaty dress to best show off the spins around the floor. All the dances are "in hold" which means the lady stands close to the man and the couple dance as a single unit.


You might want to just dance to your favourite pop song, or organise all your friends for a group dance. You could also celebrate other countries such as Ceilidh dancing from Scotland or Barn Dancing from the United States of America. Yee hah!

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