Party Dances

You might want to just dance to your favourite pop song, or organise all your friends for a group dance. You could also celebrate other countries such as Ceilidh dancing from Scotland or Barn Dancing from the United States of America. Yee hah!

Choose your dance

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Hot and spicy like the sauce, this is the Latin dance of the nightclub. Salsa is fast, fun and flirty. Are you ready for some daring drops? Try not to get your arms tangled with your partner's!


Modern Jive

Sometimes there is no better way to dance at a disco than showing off with your signature moves. What swishy pose or snazzy drop will you invent?



Celebrating Burns Night with Scottish friends? As well as eating haggis and playing the bagpipes, you will be asked to dance in sets of merry groups! Perhaps Stripping The Willow? Can you work out what to do in the dance Up The Sides And Down The Middle?



If the music of The Macarena comes on, will you be leading the dance? And who can forget Gagnam Style, but who can name the year?


Want to tell another dance story?


The Ballroom (or standard) dances are romantic, jazzy or passionate. In competitions, the man wears a white bow tie and tailsuit and the lady usually wears a long, floaty dress to best show off the spins around the floor. All the dances are "in hold" which means the lady stands close to the man and the couple dance as a single unit.


The Latin dances are cheeky, fiery and fun. In competitions the man might wear an open-necked shirt and the lady will usually wear a short dress as these dances come from hot places like South America! Partners don't have a fixed hold - they can dance side by side, for example.

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